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Create content about Minehut and get access to unique cosmetics, special content, and more that helps you engage with your fans and helps Minehut reach more people.

Create a YouTube Video

Make a video highlighting the fun ways to play Minehut. Once your video is live, submit it for review. If accepted, we'll promote your video and you'll earn unique cosmetics.

In order to qualify for the cosmetic reward, your video must:

Create a public video on YouTube that’s at least 90s long

Show off Minehut gameplay or content

Use “Minehut” or “Minehut Servers” in the title and description of your video

& Perks

If your video is accepted, we'll promote your video and you'll unlock the Crusader’s Sword. For the top creators, more perks are on the way like early access to events, new cosmetics, badges, and more.

Note: Video submissions are manually reviewed and may take up to 10 days to be reviewed.


Not sure where to start? These videos would make the cut.

ILikeCakeman walks through a solid Minehut guide.

MasterClashers becomes the most OP player on this Minehut Box server.

Your Video

Double-check that you’ve fulfilled all the criteria we mentioned above, then click the button below to submit your video. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Minehut Creator!

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